Our Collection.


Comfort today is an integral part of style, with softer silhouettes and fabrics that feel as good as they look.  This is why we set out to create our new collection, Mercer Blue.  Our goal was to bring together an attractive palette of contemporary tones and fabrics, without ever sacrificing the elegance of the classics.

In our process, close attention is paid to assembling diverse colors, textures and shapes that allow for countless tasteful combinations, each as unique as the man who will enjoy them.  The real beauty of our clothing is that each piece works together easily and takes you most anywhere.  We’ve created a line of casual wear which includes everything from vividly-patterned shirts to soft sweaters to five-pocket trousers.  Each piece is designed to be as versatile as you are, with the comfort and quality to stand up to all of life’s more leisurely activities.  Today you need contemporary yet classic sportswear with savvy and good taste.

Mercer Blue is that sportswear.