The Mercer Blue Story.


The name says it all: mercer is an old English word meaning a dealer in fine textiles and blue is the color of all that is both classic and cool—jazz, your favorite blazer, vintage jeans...The Mercer Blue collection was developed by the finest independent specialty menswear merchants in the country, the Luxe Group. Unlike online sites, department stores, and big box stores, the stores of the Luxe Group focus on developing relationships with our clients. We'll remember you the next time you come in, learn about your needs, and go the extra mile for you every time. We drew on our collective experience with our clients to create the Mercer Blue collection. Each garment in the collection is striking on its own, goes with other garments in the collection perfectly, and complements other pieces in your wardrobe. Combined with the unbeatable service of the Luxe Group stores, Mercer Blue dressing will take you everywhere you need to go in style.